Our team has been the creative force behind the critically acclaimed hit series "Inside Combat Rescue" for National Geographic Channel . We've also contributed individually to multiple high profile, successful series for various television networks such as Animal Planet, The Discovery and History Channels. Our work has sent us around the world to pursue stories unfolding in places such as Afghanistan, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Nepal, India, The Arctic, Alaska, and more. 



My career in documentaries and television began as a means to lose the predictability I had in my life. I was drawn to the idea of living a lifestyle of constant change.  I wanted the next adventure and it quickly escalated to Himalayan expeditions, ice roads, fight clubs, and war. There were only two common elements: extraordinary people and incredible stories. These experiences continue to challenge who I am and what I believe to be true in the world. My goal is to return home with a story that can have a similar impact on the viewer…and with a bigger beard.




A mentor told me to avoid comfort when capturing a photograph. Consistency breeds complacency. This has stuck with me throughout my career in docs and television. I’ve always strived to step out of my comfort zone to capture  images to further the story. Filming scenes from a new perspective often gives me inspiration. Inspiration that I hope translates to the viewer.



partner / co-Executive Producer

When I was young, probably 10 or so, my dad and I watched “The Thin Blue Line”. I remember sitting at his feet, both of us leaning toward the TV, mesmerized. There's something incongruous but perfectly fitting that the film could be socially relevant that a condemned man was freed, while looking so visually beautiful and be scored with the hypnotic beauty of a Phillip Glass symphony. Now three decades later, working in an industry filled with cliché, sensationalism and lazy storytelling, I still watch “The Thin Blue Line”, and I feel more strongly than ever non-fiction film and television can offer transformative experiences. I’m extremely lucky to work with Jared and Dave, kindred spirits. I think we’ve made some pretty great TV together, I hope we’ve pushed against boundaries of style and storytelling; I think we have. But I know the best is in front of us.